Although L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in the human body, it is considered ‘Conditionally Essential’ when its requirement surpasses that of its normal dietary availability.



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  • 1) Muscle Strength Recovery & Soreness after a gruelling workout session

    Your body breaks down protein stores in muscles to fulfill Glutamine requirements in case of a deficit. OSN1’s L-Glutamine helps bridge the gap to support overall health.

    2) Better Immunity
    Glutamine is the preferred fuel source for Immunity cells & body’s immune system gets compromised in its deficiency. Glutamine is proven to enhance health by-

    • Decrease infections
    • Shortening hospital stays 
    • Reduction of medical cost 

    3) Gut Health

    • Glutamine is the preferred energy source for trillions of bacteria that house our intestine which impact immunity
    • Glutamine protects the internals of the intestine from the body, thus preventing ‘Leaky Gut’—an autoimmune reaction that can increases inflammation & causes a series of chronic ailments.



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